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Living Life on Purpose has produced free and low-cost online (i.e., web-based) courses to encourage personal growth.  If you want increased motivation in your life, desire to learn skills to enhance your sense of purpose, and want to improve your courage and confidence, then these courses are for you!  Simply click on the thumbnail links below to access individual courses.  

I came to know Mark as an interviewee for one of his Clean Slate podcasts.  He located me because of his interest in the ministry I co-founded and now lead in TN to help men walk free from past enslavement to sexual sin.  And if you’ve heard Mark’s radio segments or have come under his discipleship, you’ve experienced his compassion and deep biblical insights as well as his intense listening spirit.  So, I pray you tune into this brother's discipleship and ministry.   You’ll be glad you did; because He can lead you closer to our Lord than you probably can imagine.

Dr. Bill Berry, Director, Battle Plan Ministries - see

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