Mark Tinsley, the president and lead speaker/coach at Living Life on Purpose, is a personal-growth expert whose soul's passion is to see people enhance their lives physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  His many years of experience as a military officer, college professor and administrator, public servant, business owner, and pastor combine to make him the perfect speaker and teacher for many types of events.  



Mark Tinsley is the author of numerous books, articles, and creative pieces.  Although he has written on many topics including children's literature, poetry, science, religion, education, and humanities, his true passion is in the areas of purpose-filled living and personal growth. You can access and purchase Mark's selected works by clicking the "More Info" button below.



Mark Tinsley has taught at all levels of education from middle school to graduate school.  As a former college administrator, Mark is an expert in curriculum and course development and brings this expertise into the development of his own online personal growth and leadership courses.  To learn more or to purchase a course, click on the "More Info" link below.



Mark and Beth Tinsley host the weekly Living Life on Purpose podcast to help you in your search for meaning and purpose.  Mark and Beth's combined 50 years of professional, parenting, and real-world experience will help you navigate self-doubt, setbacks, waywardness, and confusion.  



Has your search for purpose in life come up dry? Is purpose something you strive for but cannot seem to attain? Has negative self-talk held you back or is it holding you back now? Are you fearful of the future, of taking action in your life, or of reaching for your dreams? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Living Life on Purpose is for you!


Living Life on Purpose is for people 1) who are not satisfied with the status quo, 2) who want to live their lives with purpose, confidence, and courage, 3) who are ready for change NOW, and 4) who are prepared for the hard work needed to make lasting change in their lives.

On this website, you will find helpful resources in your quest to find purpose in life.  The website host and Living Life on Purpose president, Mark Tinsley, is an expert in purpose-filled living, and he is here to assist you in your search for meaning.  


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